8 chapters

Program Objectives

  • To provide students, employees and managers of SMEs with a wide-ranging vision of the constituent elements of Life Cycle Assessment methodology and the complexity of the problems associated with it
  • To introduce to the principles of sustainability in particular its application to production and sustainable enterprise
  • To present the international legislation (the range of ISO standards) which outlines and dictates the paths, procedures and appropriate protocols to obtain recognition and certification from the relevant regulatory authorities.
  • To break down the complexity of the LCA methodology into a framework but at the same time allow the readers to access and appropriate specific knowledge



What You Will Learn

Module 1 provides the basic cognitive elements to a "non-specialist" user group composed of people, mainly high school students (middle schools and universities), employees and managers of SMEs in the footwear and textile sector, who wish to acquire knowledge and skills related to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The work gradually addresses the growing complexity to provide guidance and suggestions for those who wish a deeper understanding  of the subject and to have an overview of the most recent international scientific thinking on the subject. The approach used by the authors is iterative and interactive in the sense that each chapter and/or paragraph presented has its own meaning and analytical autonomy but at the same time serves as a reference and contains knowledge for the development of chapters and subsequent parts.



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