10 chapters

Program Objectives

This module gives to the student following basic objectives

  • Basic definitions of eco-design.
  • Understand basic materials in footwear and textile industry.
  • Understand the design optimization and collection structure from the view of eco-design.
  • Understand the possibilities of virtual prototyping and 3D printing.
  • Understand the packaging materials and how to minimize the volume of packaging.

What You Will Learn

In the past, products have been designed and developed without considering their potential impact on the environment. Typical factors considered in product design include function, quality, cost, ergonomics and safety. However, consideration was historically rarely given to the environmental aspects of a product throughout its entire life cycle. However, this module give the information on the environmental impact occurred from other life cycle stages such as:
- Use of different types of basic material (for ex. - different types of leather and textile)
- Production processes for these materials,
- Use of other materials in footwear and textile industry (for ex. Packaging materials) and
- New prototyping methods.


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