8 chapters

Program Objectives

  • Provide information about the Carbon Footprint Concept.
  • Presentation of methods of carbon footprint calculation.
  • Presentation of standards used for determination of carbon footprint.
  • Elucidation of differences between various standards (limitations, applications, approach).
  • Specification and description of mitigation methods.

What You Will Learn

In the module there are presented various aspects related to the concept of Carbon Footprint. It includes introduction to the problems of climate changes assigned to man-made sources. There is also  information about various methods of carbon footprint calculation of both products as well as whole organisations. It includes presentation of simple calculation tools as well as sophisticated methods based on various standards, in particular international standards. The information provided will help to find the best method to evaluate the impact of various products/institutions and to obtain an internationally accepted certificate. There are also presented examples of solutions introduced by various companies to reduce the environmental impact. Implementation of methods for determination of carbon footprint will allow the identification of the stages of product LCA which are the most detrimental to environment and thus make it possible to introduce measures to reduce the carbon footprint. The benefits of such an approach will include improvement of corporate image as well as reduction of resource consumption, which consequently will allow costs to be reduced.


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