9 chapters

Program Objectives

  • To understand the importance of providing reliable environmental information about the products and services that are placed on the market.
  • To know what an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) or Ecolabel Type III is, the advantages, requirements and procedure to obtain it.
  • To acquire the necessary knowledge regarding the EPD of the European Union for a product, based on information from the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).
  • To Know the verification process for the EPD.
  • To know what the Product Category Rules (PCR) are.
  • To know what the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) of the European Union is.
  • To be aware of the advantages and to know the progress on the footwear pilot experience of the Product Environmental Footprint of the European Union and the other industrial sectors involved in the preparation of their specific product category rules (PEFCRs).
  • To analyze the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of the European Union, as a multi-criteria indicator to address the Circular Economy.

What You Will Learn

In this Module the reader will explore the methodology of the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)-Ecolabel Type III, the specific category rules that up until now have been developed for the footwear sector and the latest advance on the pilot experience of the Product Environmental Footprint. After this module is completed the reader will easily identify the necessary key factors to fairly compare the environmental performance between footwear products that fulfill the same function, focusing always in the main objective “to create a single environmental performance standard”.All of this content is complemented with links to external resources and privilege access to specific footwear sector examples and case studies.


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